Miamisburg Color Guards

Winter Guard  2014

Miamisburg High School is very proud to compete at the highest level of scholastic competition at WGI... Scholastic World.

2014 - World Guard Show: Revolution of Shame

The High School World Guard has launched their new show The Revolution of Shame. Next show: Charlotte, NC.

Who can join Miamisburg Color Guard?

*World Guard*
Miamisburg High School

*Junior Guard*
Miamisburg Grades 6-8

*Elementary Guard*
Miamisburg Grades 2-5

All you need is a good attitude. We will teach you everything else you need to become a star performer.

For more information Contact:
Scott Winters (World Guard)
Suzy Deis (Juniors and Sweethearts)
Danielle Gladeau  (Juniors and Sweethearts)

2013 Sweethearts
2013 Sweethearts
2013 Juniors